Dave Klaassen Van Oorschot

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Since breaking my back a few years ago and going though hell with starting and stopping pain killers, losing friends, being called a quitter, and the depression that follows not being able to ride after a life based on riding, I have to say something about the passing of KVO. He was and still is an unsung hero of the mountain bike community. I always thought he never got the credit of being one of the best American downhillers, not only nationally but in the world, especially during the span between Palmer and Gwin. He could hang with the Euros when no American could.  Always a hero of mine, he was an incredible athlete and I know he is riding in a better place.

Don’t believe how bad ass he was, check out these results…

(That’s Sam Hill and Colin Bailey who KVO is standing in between)

You should recognize one of the above names who David beat, not to mention when he beat both Atherton’s (which for all hell I can’t find pictures of), and if you are a true downhiller and know any history and have any respect for the mountain bikers who have paved the way, you should recognize a few more of those names and realize David K is and always will be A True American Badass! RIP KVO! 


Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour!

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We are up and running! Introductory rates until the New Year! Check us out at http://reno-tahoebrewerytour.com or call 775-338-1293! We also offer seasonal and specialty tours!

Coming soon… Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour!

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We are currently working on a Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour! With over 19 breweries and 4 distilleries, there is no lack of water holes!



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First to the top of Mt Ashland getting in some practice for the Ashland Mountain Challenge!

Two Great Apps!

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For all you mountain bikers out there on a budget, or not, here are two great apps to help you find a spot to sleep for free and great trails wherever you are!  Both are free!  USA Rest Stops offers an app with a list of places to lie low with reviews and amenities.  MTB Project offers an app with mountain bike trails based off your location which includes difficulty level and trail reviews. Check ’em out!

More Reasons to Ride

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And with a shuttle from Ridetothehills, the added endorphins from an epic hour long descent, followed by beers at your favorite local brewery, laughing with friends and reminiscing over the sickest ride you’ve had in years… will increase your productivity and fill you with positive energy for days!

Truckee Bike Park

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We break ground on phase 5 in just over 3 weeks. Mark your calendars for Thursday April 21, 5 pm Bar of America. One of the most fun celebrations, biggest raffles and scrumptious all you can eat buffet. We need your help raising $ for the rest of this phase. This Bike Park is funded by donation and the $ we raise at these events. Thank you for your help, spread the word!