Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour!

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We are up and running! Introductory rates until the New Year! Check us out at or call 775-338-1293! We also offer seasonal and specialty tours!

Coming soon… Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour!

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We are currently working on a Reno Tahoe Brewery Tour! With over 19 breweries and 4 distilleries, there is no lack of water holes!



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First to the top of Mt Ashland getting in some practice for the Ashland Mountain Challenge!

Two Great Apps!

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For all you mountain bikers out there on a budget, or not, here are two great apps to help you find a spot to sleep for free and great trails wherever you are!  Both are free!  USA Rest Stops offers an app with a list of places to lie low with reviews and amenities.  MTB Project offers an app with mountain bike trails based off your location which includes difficulty level and trail reviews. Check ’em out!

More Reasons to Ride

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And with a shuttle from Ridetothehills, the added endorphins from an epic hour long descent, followed by beers at your favorite local brewery, laughing with friends and reminiscing over the sickest ride you’ve had in years… will increase your productivity and fill you with positive energy for days!

Truckee Bike Park

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We break ground on phase 5 in just over 3 weeks. Mark your calendars for Thursday April 21, 5 pm Bar of America. One of the most fun celebrations, biggest raffles and scrumptious all you can eat buffet. We need your help raising $ for the rest of this phase. This Bike Park is funded by donation and the $ we raise at these events. Thank you for your help, spread the word!

Mountain Biking Gaining National Attention in Nevada!

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Below are some of the exciting facts I have found regarding mountain biking in Nevada.  The city of Caliente, Nevada has done an amazing job with their trail system, but this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  The mayor of Caliente, Stana Hurlburt, brought mountain biking to Boulder City, a now mountain bike mecca, especially during the colder winter months!  Carson City and Incline are also receiving attention as mountain bike destinations, but Reno is still in the shawdows.  It is just a matter of time before Reno is on the map, and once it is, it will go down as one of the greatest destinations in our country!

  • In 2012, outdoor recreation was worth “$646B, $80 billion in tax revenues, and supported 6.1 million jobs,” according to a study by the Outdoor Industry Association.
  • 57% of Nevada residents participate in outdoor activity. In other words Nevada’s outdoor recreation is worth $14.9 BILLION in consumer spending $148K direct Nevada jobs, $4.8 BILLION in wages and salaries $1.0 BILLION in state and local tax revenue. (Outdoor Industry 2014 Annual Report,
  • In a July 2015 article in the Lincoln County Record, International Mountain Bike Association director Patrick Kelly said, “Bikers are usually an affluent group. Their bikes may cost up to $7,000 apiece. A person on a day visit spends on average about $97. Overnight visitors, including food and lodging, on average spend about $227… Kelly estimated at full completion of the system it is possible Caliente [Nevada] could be hosting up to 30,000 visitors each year. He noted some other areas, smaller than this, are already are doing that.” (
  • In the Reno Gazette Journal, March 20, 2016… Social media and a partnership with Google are at the forefront of Nevada’s reinvigorated adventure travel efforts.  The article states, “The next step involves getting people to actually venture farther into the state for hiking, mountain biking and other adventures.”  “In Caliente in Lincoln County, the city, county, Bureau of Land Management and Nevada State Parks officials have been working for years to develop a mountain bike trail system.”  “Stana Hurlburt, who prior to becoming mayor of Caliente helped develop mountain bike trails in Boulder City, said creating new tourism opportunities is critical for parts of Nevada beyond Reno and Las Vegas.“  (
  • Bike Magazine reported on this funding of trails in Caliente, Nevada in their April 2016 edition, “The advocacy nonprofit [IMBA] has helped secure $1.75 million to fund the first phase of a project that could eventually bring up to 150 miles of new singletrack near the small town of Caliente in rural Nevada.”
  • Bike Magazine also reported in their May 2016 issue touting Carson City as the new mountain bike destination. The Nevada Appeal, Friday, April1, 2016 also wrote an article on Bike Magazine’s story, saying, “it isn’t so much what the area already offers but what it is destined to become…the only thing more impressive than the number of trails built here over the past 10 years is the number of new legal trails that will exist in the next 10 years.”
  • Another recent article in the Reno Gazette Journal (December 2015) stated the Federal Highway Administration put in $2 million dollars towards the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway, a mountain bike trail connecting Tahoe City to Pyramid Lake.
  • Trails and mountain biking are becoming an interest in Nevada. Land is even being gifted to the Nevada Land Trust to help filling in missing links between public lands.  This is from an article in the Reno Gazette Journal, April 2016, “One little land gift is about to become a very big deal for biking and hiking near Incline Village. That’s because software billionaire David Duffield’s 18-acre gift to the Nevada Land Trust clears the way to develop a connection between Mt. Rose Highway and Tunnel Creek Road – and many miles of premium single track to the south.”
  • Incline Village (less than 35 miles from Reno) was named the Mountain Bike Capital of Nevada according to the website The capitals were decided on using specific requisites such as quality and quantity of trails, access, user issues, popularity, and infrastructure such as mountain bike shuttle service! (, March 2016)
  • In July 2015, wrote, “A true mountain bike destination has at least one epic shuttle service.” The article continued, listing the best mountain bike destinations in the west.  Nevada was NOT on the list.

Ridetothehills wants to put Nevada on the list, at the top of the list!  If any one would like to help in our endeavor please feel free to contact us.  We will continue pushing until our goal is met!